Why interactive video?

The customers are becoming a part of the story, whether you need help explaining your product, showing them a portfolio of your services or finding out their opinion.

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Engaging the customers makes the video more capturing and makes them watch it far longer. It also becomes more memorable.

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Our product is designed in a way that works on all currently used browsers and also on mobile devices and tablets.

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The project includes mapping and reporting of all steps, interactions and behavior of the viewer through the entire duration of the video itself until the final conversion.

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We can provide a complete solution including the production, web page or a performance campaign in co-operation with the Story TLRS agency.

What is Stive and what can it do?

Our product is an interactive layer widening the options of a standard video in within the web interface.

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Personalization options

Adress your customers with their name, customize the environment according to gender or their hobbies.

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Detection of information

React to the location, time or perhaps weather in which the customer watches the video.

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Buttons and guideposts

Create more storylines and let the viewers express their opinions and decide where the story of the video will go.

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Optional extensions

Working with layers for ensuring dynamic changes of the elements in the video for each customer.


ČSOB – Everything on one plate aka the complex covering of a product through an interactive video connected to an emailing campaign with an emphasis on personalization of many of its elements.

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Comunication of complicated elements

The goal was to ensure a higher number of conversions and introducing the interactive video into the mass communication with clients. The script had to work with interactive and personalized elements and clearly explain the product that was involved in the campaign – Flexi loan, which refinances already closed loans, to the clients.

We chose a concept with the culinary topic where we show how having food divided onto many different plates becomes frustrating which is a comparison to having loans divided in a similar way – having all loans on the same plate is always better! We shot for 3 days and produced 336 video files in total for creating the personalization of every storyline that can be entered through interacting with the video. The cook can address the viewer with 100 different names and reflect the time of the day in which the viewer enters the microsite.

Fotografie z natáčení

Technical specifications of the project

We had to create our own video player to ensure that it works in every browser and that it can reflect factors like time or the personalized offer at the end of the video. That is ensured by the layers that are coded in a way that make it compatible with all devices. The video is located on a microsite that has also been completely made within this project.

The starting element of the entire campaign is emailing. We created different versions of customized templates that went through AB testing within the process of sending the video to a smaller base of clients. The client receives an email with a hash that is connected to a database which later builds the entire experience on the microsite.

Náhled webové stránky s interaktivním videem

Experience it yourself

We are delighted that we could introduce this innovative way of communication to a client this valuable. Enjoy the experience that we created for the ČSOB customers, become Petr for a while and walk through our first interactive video by yourself or check out our case study on this project.

Go to the microsite


Are you interested in including Stive in your next campaign or you just want to know more about the product? Contact us!